Saturday, February 5, 2011


A short piece written by Mavric de Beyer, 2008.


The woman reached the window. She latched it open in a frantic hurry, although her hands were clumsy from the still present sexual arousal.  Climbing through the window, she mooned the inside walls of the apartment. With her panties on skew, she almost gave a full visual to Sweet Daisy as she came through the door, but managed to duck away onto the fire escape before being noticed. If the woman was to be seen, again, with Khezzier, Sweet Daisy was sure to kill her. And Sweet Daisy could; it was like she was assembled by God for the sole purpose of female on female combat. With arms consigned to flail beer bottles and surprisingly nimble fingers to put out cigarettes on necks, Sweet Daisy was the ultimate in a dyke duel. And in contrast to this bravado was the connotations of her flowery pure title that was sometimes quite truthful. It made her even more attractive in the lesbian society; a butch rug-muncher that will fight for her woman and bring her to orgasm using the slightest feminine touch.

The woman was running incautiously on the fire escape twelve stories high. She emitted a sigh of relief when she realized that wearing her stilettos would have made negotiating her way across the iron stairways a chore. And with that she then realized that those heels were still in the bedroom with Sweet Daisy and the surely still panting Khezzier. There was no time to think about an excuse and no means to get the message to Khezzier. And there was certainly no time to go back up and retrieve them as Sweet Daisy was to soon be outside on the fire escape for the fag she always has when she arrives home. Although this meant she was missing her favorite pairs of shoes for her date tonight with the man she met on the net. The fourth man this week. And thinking about those heels always reminded her of the time with Vernon, when she stuck the heel so far up his ring piece that it led to anal bleeding for a week to come. But the woman had to keep moving down this seemingly endless steel staircase, with each step being taken, her pulse racing faster and the juices from her bearded oyster becoming more like a leaky faucet in seedy nightclub bathroom. She could have sworn her holy water was actually dripping out from beneath her leopard print mini. This ultimately meant that her dirty hosiery was soaking wet.

She jumped the last small flight of stairs in her scurry and was now at the ladder that would lower her to the street. She pushed the cold and greasy ladder on its slide down toward the ground and began her descent. 
Although the woman had done the fire escape dash before, she was cautious on her way down. And quite quick considering that it bent and buckled constantly with her shifting weight. And she was a little heavy for it.

Although the woman had done the fire escape dash before, it had never turned out quite like it did this time.
This was when she reached the bottom of the ladder. With her right foot still on the final rung, she moved her left foot towards the ground. With one look upwards toward the window to the apartment she spied Sweet Daisy’s figure attired in the camouflage tank top she wore almost every day, smoke in hand puffing with the diaphragmatic strength of an aboriginal didgeridoo musician. As her sight was aimed upwards, and her mind still engulfed in the ecstasy she had experienced five minutes earlier, she did not notice the seven black men in her peripheral vision. And before her left foot could reach the ground she was grabbed by one of the men, by the ankle, and was tugged with the force of an angry gorilla. Her hands lost the slippery ladder and this let her torso hurtle down onto the ground. Her head hit the ground with a hard thud one would expect to be articulated in a children’s’ cartoon; though the subsequent scene was sure to be not that which one sees on the Disney Channel, but rather the stars of the shows in reality. The woman was being dragged across the floor by the man at her ankle. She could feel that her hair was getting stuck in the rough concrete and the fact that it was ridden with cheap hairspray made it all the more uncomfortable as it pulled at her roots. Her face was also being victimized by the concrete on the drag. It later reminded her of the time she got fucked with sandpaper.

All the while, the woman had not reached a state of panic. Her heart rate had increased for sure, but she had not become frantic. Although everything was shrouded in ambivalence; what was happening to her, who these men were, where was she being taken, the woman was sure she could feel her clit was getting harder. In fact, she suddenly thought, she was perhaps getting even more excited over everything. With the excitement, the woman became instantly more aware. She noticed that she was being dragged slowly into the alley where the fire escape embarks. It was getting darker as they moved away from the street. The black men also seemed to share her excitement. The man on her ankle appeared to be drooling, and his hands were clammy, secreting a wetness that ran down her leg. The water did not run profusely enough to fall all the way down her leg, but the woman found herself wishing that it would reach under her mini skirt and seep through her panties and amalgamate with her own wetness; a sexual AC/DC power kit. She winked at the man who held her. He noticed, and an expression of surprise seemed to take shape on his face. Her raised his eyebrow in suspicion, and then turned to the accomplice on his left, slapping the other man’s chest with an open backhand. He shouted something at the other man, and pointed almost quite furiously at the man. The woman watched the two of them as they stared back. The other man licked his lips, as if in some sort of act. The woman witnessed another of the seven unbuckling his pants.

The seven black men stopped dragging the woman, but the man holding her ankle did not release. Instead more men began to grab hold of her, one man took her other ankle, two men issued their hands on her arms, and a fourth man latched on to her orange hair. At once, they all lifted her up with such a force that she let out a gasp in pain. And a ripping noise echoed from her scalp as some of her hair was taken from the roots by the man who had a vice grip on it. Her head now dangled without his support. The woman’s body was in the air momentarily as all the men released their grips on her, and she fell onto a pile of soft garbage bags. Her clothes became wet as the damp of the garbage seeped through them. The smell of waste was overpowering, but also quite identifiable was the scent of sweat.
“Shut up!” one man shouted at her.
“Don’t say anything!” screamed another.
“I’ll kill you, Bitch-Cunt.” a third said, calmer than the others.

And more sudden than the abduction itself, the seven men began to rip off her clothes. One of the men actually proceeded to shred her panties with his yellow corn like teeth.  As he was moving away, the woman frantically extended her hand out to the man and she now grabbed hold of him. She pulled with all her might toward her and the man seemed to lift off his feet and came over to land with his head in her lap. She had her hands on the back of his bald head and was thrusting herself onto his face. His stubble gave her a tickle. One man punched her suddenly, and another man grabbed his friend between her thighs. It hurt her, and she bled from a cut in her lip. She bit hard onto her lip and spat excess blood that was building. She stared at the man that hit her. The man that had been forced to give her oral tension was breathing heavily, taking in fresh air now. He looked angry, but through his temperament, all could see his extreme arousal.
“Her puss is stinking of sex. This Dog-Whore wants it!” the man said, wiping his chin. “She wants to be fucked.”

And the man had it right. The woman was now oozing her wetness down her legs, jamming a finger into her own cunt and shaping it in a ‘come hither’ manner, she began to fuck herself with her chubby index. The men all stopped their actions momentarily. They realized they would have no problem with holding this woman down, or tying her up, or gagging her mouth. They especially wouldn’t want to muffle her cries, because she was going to scream, and they would enjoy it. The men now even discovered that they needn’t murder her, and dispose of her cum splattered body. One man, who had been previously uneventful in the whole abduction, decided he was first. His pants were at his ankles in a flash and with a rock hard cock he took the woman’s finger out of her, put that finger in her own mouth and shoved his shaft roughly into her. He had quite a large cock, as most brothers do, and such a rough insertion would have caused most woman, or men, quite some pain. However the woman was rather loose from her previous sexual endeavors, and the black dick slipped in with ease. Her wetness was the perfect lubricant for his penis, which being uncircumcised, could be mistaken for scaled down version of an elephant’s trunk. The man inside her was going at rapid speeds, and he waved his hand over to his mates and said, “Come boys.” And whistled loudly. The remaining six men had no problem finding an orifice or any other place to put their cocks that would allow some sort of stimulation. One in the mouth, one in the ass (although there was a tussle between two men to get this spot), two men inside the arc behind the knee, one in the locks of her hair, and one man just seemed to slap his cock in random places over her body, moving around her in a dramatic monkey-like fashion. The woman let them manhandle her, and she found her entire self being tossed and turned violently in the garbage pile, with the tastes of old banana peels and tuna fish residue entering her mouth. Naturally, the men needed to rotate. They did not swap position in a diplomatic manner but rather fought over prized positions, punching each other for a go at the money box. Eventually each man did have a chance at her now seeming axe wound, some preferring to come inside her, some opting for her chest or face. All the while, the woman had never come so hard in her entire life.

The woman had been raped by seven men simultaneously, and enjoyed it more than any other life experience she had been through. The orgasmic climaxes she felt had been more powerful at the hands of these seven blacks than any other man, woman, child or animal she had fucked. She thought it truly amazing. Her beautiful rape subsequently gave the woman the idea to patrol the streets of the seediest neighborhoods in town. Wearing next to nothing, she would strut on the sidewalk cursing the cruelest of tattooed and scarred men. And tempt them to fuck her. And they did. And she reveled in it every time…

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